... RuinS ...

a state of things
  It is next to idle, at the present day, merely to denounce an iniquity.
Be ours, then, a different task...
Herman Melville, White-Jacket
Italian flag, along the river Bacchiglione

. are a human being endowed with a particular sight,
an hypersensitive sight, and thanks to it you are able to perceive the whole and,
at the same time, every detail of the whole. You know not why, but with great determination
you walk through the town following every time a different route.
You follow a track, you've got it clear. Your investigation is scrupulous, meticulous, precise;
suddenly, your routes gain a meaning; from the fragments that you have picked up
along the way, you infer a town compound of elements, the constant friction of which
give life to a slow decomposition process, which slowness doesn't deceive you anymore.
Everything, in your eyes, plausibly takes part to design a ruin.
Disconcerted, you understand that the town is exactly what it seems...
Capital, historical center